Happily Married After Couple: Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Connie Smith



“There are four elements to the married life. Reliability, Predictability, Monotony, and Spontaneity. Take comfort in the reliability, appreciate the predictability, enjoy and embrace the monotony, and relish in the spontaneity for it’s these things that you’ll miss when your spouse is gone.” –Michael T. Smith

It’s an honor for us to introduce Michael and Connie Smith as our next Happily Married After Couple. When we were dating we learned many relationship lessons from them and today their lessons and transparency still help us to grow up in our marriage in very practical ways.

Years Married: Nearly 8…August 4th, 2001

Wedding Date: Aug 4, 2001

Your Relationship Theme Song (this could be ‘OUR’ song or one that you realized fit your relationship after marriage):

“I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You” by Savage Garden and “Leather and Lace” by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley

Where/How You Met: Phone Call.  Mike got my name and number from church friends one night and called me.  There’s really a lot more too it.  Not enough room to write.  It was definitely a God-thing.

Your Best Relationship Advice: A. Talk, talk, talk.  B. QRT (Quick Recovery Time) C. Understand yourself/history. Respect your mate’s self/history.

Talk about a defining event when you realized it would take a real concerted effort to stay Happily Married After: When I pulled an April Fool’s prank on Mike by putting Vaseline on a door handle.  HA HA.  Really too much to list.  See above.  Talk. Talk. Talk.

If there was a “Pre-Marriage College”, what course would your spouse be the professor of (because he/she is good at this element)? Which class would you have to take to get better in yourself?

Mike’s answers: Connie could be the professor of “Unconditional Love and Acceptance”.  I would have to go to class to learn how to receive it. 

Connie’s answers:  Mike could be the dean of the college.  He is such a master at selflessness, compassion, concern, and communication.  He could teach a course called “The Master Keys to Making it last 80+ Years”.  I would need to work on communication. 

What do you think is the major issue that potentially derails newlyweds and not so newly wedded couples?: Selfishness- the improper love of self based in fear.  Pride-esteeming one’s own responsibilities, hurts, needs, and opinions superior to those of his/her spouse. Finally, not knowing why people are the way they are; no self realization and no willingness to grow after self/other discoveries.

-What makes you a Happily Married After Couple: We are best friends.  We are co-owners in this life that we are building together.  We seek to meet the other’s needs and desires above our own.


With over 25 years of ministry service, Michael and Connie Smith have a deep love and passion for people. As Founders and Senior Pastors of THE CHURCH Group Worldwide, they are committed to building mature, skillful believers who are able to take the words off of the pages of the Bible and see them manifested in their everyday lives.   Find out more information about our Happily Married After Couple:



Happily Married After would like to thank Michael and Connie Smith for being featured on our site. We hope to do many more spotlights on Happily Married After, Newly Happily Married After, and Soon To Be Happily Married After Couples. If you have a couple that you would like to suggest please send their information to happilymarriedafter@gmail.com


4 Responses to Happily Married After Couple: Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Connie Smith

  1. This two are so awesome..they are the reason I got married and why I am still married. They really have insight to relationships, communication. I appreciate how transparent they are for us the congregation.

  2. Fantastic posting, I favorited your blog so I can visit again in the near future, Cheers

  3. hunting says:

    deer hunting…

    Happily Married After Couple: Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Connie Smith «…

  4. Derrick says:

    This couple is the real deal when it comes to relationship management.
    UnderstandingTV.com is the web home for their teachings

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